Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 2006

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Meditations on the Natural World & A Prayer for the Earth Eco Installation
Funded by the Durfee Foundation Individual Artists’ Resource for Completion
to support a solo exhibition of A Prayer for the Earth Eco Installation
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, CA
January 6 – March 12


Linda Vallejo: Meditations on the Natural World, an exhibit of recent oil paintings by a Los Angeles-based artist, will be presented in the East and West Ground-floor galleries from January 6 through March 12, 2006. Presented in conjunction with Collapse?, this exhibit reveals an artist’s perspective on this region as a place in which turbulent physical forces continually define the land, the sea, and the sky. Based in her close observation of natural phenomena, but also charged with her fervent expressionism, Vallejo’s landscapes of Southwestern America invite our reflection on how we inhabit and experience our world, in all of its astounding power and fragile beauty. Linda Vallejo has received a Durfee Foundation ARC Award to assist in the completion of this major installation and exhibition.