Denise Bibro Fine Art 2015

group exhibition
Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery
New York, NY
October 8—November 14, 2015



Appropriations is a highlight exhibition of re-purposed media featuring work by artists Linda Vallejo, Carlos Estevez, and Tyrome Tripoli. Adopted and recycled imagery re-contextualize human-made visual culture. With readymade and found-object iconography, Appropriations spotlights a cohesive sampling of re-work distinct to each represented artist.



About the Artists

Linda Vallejo: Vallejo, a California-based artist, fuses contemporary pop-culture with her multicultural experiences immersed in the Chicano/Latino/Mexican American community: a combination that further develops her artistic practice. With untamed images and re-mapped contexts, statements of race, color, class alter the pre-determined cultural symbols underscoring the creation of “an America that included me.”

Carlos Estevez: Cuban artist Estevez delves into the visual representation of man and the universe. Composed collages are selectively pieced together as inquiries into their underlying conceptual connections with each other. With distinct elements of symmetry and balance, Estevez fragments and compartmentalizes the collages: a visual that reflects his reflective process “intermingled with the dynamic of the human thinking.”

Tyrome Tripoli: Brooklyn-based artist Tripoli’s assemblages blend materials and compositions into carefully crafted “abstract paintings.” Pre-existing materials and forms connect in an organic, purposeful way; the deliberate integration of part relies on the color, shape, and past life of each individual object. The relationship of the materials and previously recognizable function create a new subtext and “leaves the piece open to metaphoric exploration.”



Three Artists Experiment with Appropriations in a Readymade Exhibition in New York, Widewalls, by Amy Lin, London, England, September 30, 2015



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