Hispanic Research Center 2002

Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art: Artists, Work, Culture and Education
Volume I and II
Bi-Lingual Press
Hispanic Research Center
Arizona State University, Arizona
Principal Authors: Gary D. Keller, Mary Erickson, Kaytie Johnson, Joaquin Alvarado
Contributors: Arturo J. Aldama, Pat Villeneuve, Henry Quintero, Gema Ledesma
Photographers: Craig Smith, Marilyn Szabo
September 1, 2002


The result of years of careful preparation, this two-volume work covers the artistic production and biographies of nearly 200 individual artists from across the United States as well as Chicano/a artists residing in Mexico and elsewhere. This unique work was published as a full-color coffee-table-quality set of books (featuring over 600 artworks in full color) with an accompanying Web site that provides bibliography, artists’ statements, and other updated information. Produced with the support of the Center for Latino Initiatives of The Smithsonian Institution, the Inter-University Program for Latino Research, and numerous art organizations around the nation, this book represents a major advance in understanding, appreciation, and dissemination of Chicano/a art.



Artist Statement

My artworks revolves around my dial experiences as a woman and a Chicana living in the late twentieth century and studying the ancient indigenous traditions of Mexico and the Americas. I have worked to discover woman in her modern and ancient place as a source of strength, love, and integrity. I believe that all women are a part of the earth and can be inspired by a relationship with and through nature.

It is my firm belief that woman is the symbol of the earth, and that each woman can learn aspects of loyalty, integrity, honor, generosity, and courage directly from the earth.



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