Brown Baroque: Objects of Opulence 2023



Brown Baroque: Objects of Opulence installation project examines and interprets the politics of color, class, and privilege. I appropriate and alter American antiques and pop objects to invite the viewer to consider socio-political, socio-culture issues in a space where history and data interact with pop culture.

Brown Baroque includes life-size Victorian interiors painted in milk-chocolate brown to ask: How are Latinos seen, how do we see ourselves, what is our status in American history? And what are our contributions to American culture and economy?

This new installation project depicts Victorian interiors in all their opulence and finery. Every object is painted in semi-gloss milk chocolate acrylic enamel and includes painted antique and contemporary furniture and collectibles, beautiful brown floral arrangements, and brown polka-dot wallpaper.

Additionally chairs, mixed media sculpture and wall-hanging data-based works are inspired by US Latino data will focus on US Latinos Gross National Product, health, education, immigration status, and income gathered from the Pew Charitable Trust Latino Initiative.

Twenty-four page Monograph including:

Excerpts from essays by Charlene Villasenor Black, Karen Mary Davalos, William Moreno

Essayist bios, artist bio, statement, and selected resume

Photography: Gene Ogami



  • Life's a Bowl of Cherries, 2022, repurposed silver plate punch bowl, artificial cherries, acrylic enamel, 17 x 22" diameter,