Woman in Nature

Artist Statement

My paintings of the female form show women as tranquil and whole, filled with love and integrity. In these images I combined indigenous cultural symbols with feminine identity and sexuality. I believe that women are the symbol of the earth, its nurturing and protective nature, as well as its strength and longevity.  I was in the process building a family when I painted these images and used them as a talisman to ensure a good, balanced, and secure home life for my husband and sons.

Betty Ann Brown, art historian, curator and critic

Inspired by pre-Columbian precedents and Rivera’s exemplar, Vallejo began painting images of women in nature in the 1990s. Her series entitled Woman of Love and Integrity includes dozens of works on both canvas and paper, all of them based on the fusion of the female with nature. Some of the women have butterfly faces. Some have heads replaced by shining sunflowers, the petals becoming spiky yellow tresses. These paintings are distinguished from their earlier relatives by the intense sensuality of the more fully realized female nude.