Objects of Opulence – a new portfolio 2022


Artist Statement

I appropriates culture and history from the nascent age of great wealth and influence in the US and symbolically return it to the “brown” Latino/x essential workers who helped to build and continue to support the growth of American business and wealth.  This work examines and interprets the politics of color, class, culture, and power through the themes of wealth and power, cultural identity and awareness, and pop culture.

Objects of Opulence includes life-size Victorian room settings painted in milk-chocolate brown surrounded by objects of opulence from the gilded age to ask: How are Latinos seen, how do we see ourselves, and what are our contributions? Statistics will inspire “brown” data-based 2-D works and sculpture. I will appropriate and alter antique as well as pop objects to invite viewers to consider the politics of color and class in a space where history and data interact with pop culture.


Full Statement


Los Espejos, 2021, Repurposed antique mirror, bronze colored acrylic mirror, acrylic

Datos Sagrados: 27.3% of COVID-19 deaths are Latino as reported by the US CDC on April 21, 2020, weighted distribution, 2020

Beautiful Brown Bouquets, 2020, Repurposed antique porcelain, enamel, artificial flowers