Salt Fine Art 2015

Salt Fine Art 2015

The Brown Dot Project: Hollywood 42.2, 2015
Ink, vellum


Linda Vallejo’s BROWN DOT PROJECT examines issues of cultural divide and immigration. Each dot that occupies a tiny square of the graph paper is representative of a percentage in the whole of the Latino population in various cities in Los Angeles County— 13.44% for Santa Monica, 96.7% for East LA. The delicate marks which comprise the exquisite patterns reference statistical data, tapestry, and mapping.  The project is part of a larger series entitled MAKE ‘EM ALL MEXICAN, an edgy, tongue-in-cheek body of work in which Vallejo challenges the Latino’s place in history, economics, and imagery as well as who is really winning the culture war. While the project uses the lens of Los Angeles communities, the socio-economic themes become both intimate and universal.

by Jared Linge


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