In the Lake of Your Bones 2012

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In the Lake of Your Bones
a book of poems by Peggy Dobreer

Editors: Ricki Mandeville, Michael Miller
ISBN: 978-9839651-2-1

Cover Art by Linda Vallejo
Crescent Moon At Dusk, 2000
Acrylic on canvas
48 x 72 in.


“In the Lake of Your Bones is a poetry book that opens like a revelation. Peggy Dobreer blends memory, meditation, nature, sensuality, and takes us to the lucid territory between intuition and wisdom, desire and surrender. The language is at the same time enigmatic and transparent. Dobreer writes: “This poem is for you. / You are the sanctuary of these words.” As readers, we have no escape; words and bones become of the same matter, we see ourselves in the inner lake of this luminous book.” — Mariano Zaro

About the Author

Peggy Dobreer came to poetry by way of dance and experimental theater. Her work appears in such journals as Malpais Review, San Pedro River Review, WordWrights Magazine and LA Yoga, and is widely anthologized. In 2005 she founded the now legendary Horse of Another Color series. Peggy lives in Los Angeles with her daughter Lena.