Otis College of Art and Design 2011

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Madre Tierra Press included in
Doin’ It in Public: Art and Feminism at the Woman’s Building
Getty Research Initiative Pacific Standard Time
presented at Otis College of Art and Design, Ben Maltz Gallery
opening and closing Ceremonies conducted by Linda Vallejo

catalog published by Otis College of Art and Design

Excerpts from From Site to Vision: The Woman’s Building in Contemporary Culture, Copyright©2011

Linda Vallejo came to the Woman’s Building to oversee the funded project known as Madre Tierra Press in 1982.  Through Madre Tierra, Linda brought together thirteen Chicana and taught them how to design and create handmade books.  The goal was a series of image and text volumes employing depictions of the Chicano community and women’s relation to it.  Linda facilities the collaborate genesis of images and texts. Then she oversaw the plate design, transfer of photographic images to the metal plates, use of letterpress, scheduling and printing of the final plates.  Amount the participants was Yreina Cervantes, who went on to expand her career through the use of the kind of art developed in the program.

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Linda remembers that it was during her time with Madre Tierra Press project that she was invited by the Woman’s Building to give lecture on Chicana art in general and her own art in particular. It was the first time that the Woman’s Building staff and participants were remarkably supportive as she planned and delivered the talks. Linda, whose own artwork was featured in several exhibitions at the Woman’s Building and who served on the board of directors for several years, went on to become a prominent artist and community activist, as well as a notable spokesperson for Chicana arts.

Otis Ben Maltz Gallery    Madre Tierra Press 


Getty Research Initiative Pacific Standard Time
Art Ltd. Magazine Review “Suffragette City”



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